Reporting under GRESB

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What is GRESB?

Formerly known as the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, GRESB was launched in 2009 to measure the integration of ESG into the real estate sector. GRESB Assessments align with the Paris Climate Accord, other reporting frameworks (including GRI and TCFD), and country-specific requirements.

GRESB releases four ESG benchmarks generated by the Assessments:

  • Real Estate Benchmark
  • Real Estate Development Benchmark
  • Infrastructure Fund Benchmark
  • Infrastructure Asset Benchmark

The Real Estate Assessment and the Infrastructure Assessment are driven by investors, and are intended to provide interested parties, specifically those investing in real estate, with the data and information necessary for informed decision making and planning.

Companies that participate in GRESB reporting will receive recommendations to improve their performance, as well as opportunities to speak with investors.

GRESB's Objective

The objective of GRESB is to provide financial markets with the following:

  • Actionable insights
  • ESG data
  • Benchmarks

By submitting annual reports, your company shows investors and other interested parties that you are committed to taking steps to improve sustainability and energy efficiency.

What's the reporting timeline?

Every year, GRESB releases a survey in April. Until the end of June, companies have the opportunity to complete the survey and submit it to GRESB’s thorough vetting process. The results are released in late September of the same year. See the timeline below for an overview.

For more information on GRESB, read the GRESB Real Estate Benchmark Report

April 1st: GRESB portal opens

Login to the GRESB portal and begin the process of adding your data for assessment.

June 1st: Response check

A high-level check of your data prior to final submission, to help ensure your submission is as complete as possible.

June 1st - July 1st


July 1st: DEADLINE

GRESB portal closes for submissions.

September 1st: Preliminary reports

Launch of preliminary reports.

Semptember 1st - October 1st


October 1st: Results

Launch of GRESB assessment results.

How can EnergyElephant help?

EnergyElephant is a one-stop location for your company’s energy, water, waste/recycling and carbon emissions data, across Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3. When reporting time comes around you can easily export structured data across your entire property portfolio.

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